Geegraf Die Formed Graphite Rings

Geegraf Die Formed Graphite Rings

Graphite Die Formed Rings are manufactured from an extensive range of existing tooling or to customers specific requirements.

• Die Formed Rings are supplied in a density range of 1.3g/cc to 1.8g/cc
• Available in 99% to 99.85% purity, corrosion inhibited and oxidation resistant grades
• Supplied endless, split or as matched halves
• Square or rectangular section rings are supplied for most applications, however a wide range of non-standard shapes can be produced to suit specific requirements
• Metal tipped rings are available for high pressure / anti extrusion applications
• Die Formed Rings can be manufactured in alternative materials i.e ThermiculiteTM

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We have four divisions of Gee Graphite to cater for your specific requirements

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